Test Kit Request
Site for Those with
Fever or Other Symptoms


Due to the spread of infection
to ease the concentration of tests and consultations at medical institutions for medical treatment and testing,
as well as to ensure that those with a fever or other symptoms have an opportunity to get tested,
test kits are being distributed to symptomatic people who wish to be tested.
≪Apply here for a test kit available to close contacts≫

(Eligible persons has been expanded to all ages from September 26, 2022)

*In principle, we ask you to complete the application through our website.
If you are unable to do so, please call the Test Kit Direct Delivery Office of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
*This test kit is intended for use by symptomatic people.
It is not intended for shortening the waiting periods or confirming negative infection status.

Kit distribution requirements (eligible persons)

Those who fulfill all of the following criteria
  • Residents of Tokyo (Including long-term residents.)
  • Persons with fever or other possible symptoms of COVID-19
    (Regardless of whether or not the person is a close contact.)
  • 【Eligible persons has been expanded to all ages from September 26, 2022】

Request period

From 2 p.m. on August 1, 2022
*However, with the number of the requests reaching 70,000 kits a day, we are no longer accepting requests on the day.

*In principle, distribution is limited to one kit per person per request.

・During the implementation period starting on August 1, 2022, as a rule, each person may request up to twice.

・If an application is received in the morning, the kit will be delivered the next day. If an application is received in the afternoon, the kit will be delivered the day after that. (Excluding the Tokyo Island Areas.)

・Please apply here to request a test kit for close contacts (basically, asymptomatic people at the time of your request).

・Please make sure to read the following documents as well before submitting your request.


Tokyo Test Kit Direct Distribution Office


Open Hours : Everyday 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.